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About Kriti Prakashan

The year 2001 marked the commencement of the legacy of Kriti Prakashan Pvt. Ltd. in the city of nawabs and an exemplification of cultural and literary heritage, Lucknow.

'KRITI' in the Devnagari script epitomizes a deed or an action. True to its meaning, Kriti Prakashan was created as an act of dedication to the service of children who are the country’s future.

The company came into existence with a two fold objective. Firstly, to give Lucknow an identity in the publishing niche of the country and secondly, to create books for children that would cater to their aspiration of ‘Learning with Fun’.

Kriti Prakashan

With a modest beginning by publishing a dozen titles for the tiny tots, today Kriti Prakashan Limited has taken a phenomenal stride in the publishing industry with more than 400 titles covering schools text books, companion books and story books for children being used almost all over the country. Most of the text book titles are supported by suitable smart class ready e-books, CDs and DVDs.

With a fully fledged editorial department comprising DTP, graphic designing, art-work and multimedia segments, the company now has its own state of the art printing press that has shaped the magnificent persona of Kriti Prakashan.

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